Virtual Skydiving, Screeming Cheeses, Gynburra Spearfishing VR


I've always liked video games, playing on my mum's SNES when I was in primary school which is also when I decided I wanted to be a game developer.


Later in primary school I found out about Game Maker and made my own series of platforming games, very basic but for primary school I was very proud.

In highschool I focussed on IT, Maths, Physics and Music all subjects I enjoyed and thought relevant to creating a video games.


After highschool I spent a brief amount of time studying Uni SA's game design course before leaving that to study at AIE, a choice I am extremely happy with.


AIE is a very good video game learning environment, all the teacher's are devs themselves and everyone there loves video games so it was perfect.


As a gamer my favorite video games are those with depth, a crazy daunting RPG with 100s of hours learning and trying things out is what I want in a game and it also helps if it has satisfying sound design; my favourite game is Path of Exile. With all my time spent on RPGs I really enjoy making spreadsheet economies for games and one day hope to make my own deep and daunting RPG.

Audio Designer

Brodie White