Virtual Skydiving, Screeming Cheeses, Gynburra Spearfishing VR, Hybrid World: Interactive Aquarium


Growing up I've always had a passion for watching or playing Video games. One of the earliest memories I have playing games was on Nintendo’s Yellow Gameboy colour with the special Pikachu edition.

During my time at Thomas More College I had become friends with Michael Matthews (Co-founder of Classy Bogan Studios).

During Avcon in 2015, AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) made its first appearance into the public space in Adelaide. What caught my eye was the film projects which was displayed on their small monitor. I signed up and from there my interest grew, both Michael and I joined and completed several short courses from 3D animation to Game design.

During year Twelve, I had the opportunity to finish early due to the courses I had done and join AIE’s mid-year Advanced diploma course, studying 3D Game Art and Animation.


From there Michael and I created what would be known as Classy Bogan Studios, specializing in Virtual Reality due to how knew it is to the world.


The project I am the proudest of is the ‘Screeming Cheeses’ due to how bizarre the game is. I don’t think there are many games that have screaming cheese running on a plate which makes is quite unique.

The projects outside of Virtual reality I would like to work on would Be a Role Playing Game with a similar play style to Dungeon and Dragons.

I am the lead Artist responsible for the Art within our projects, which can be ranging from environmental models to Characters, to whatever a project needs at the time. I also handle most of the communication to the rest of the art team and ensure everything is completed on time and of top quality!

Founder / Lead Artist

Daniel Booker