Virtual Skydiving, Screeming Cheeses, Gynburra Spearfishing VR, Hybrid World: Interactive Aquarium


My Name is Michael I am one of the founders of Classy Bogan Studios.


My Career in gaming began when I was in high school, I always had a love for video games, and I loved pulling things apart and seeing how they worked!

During high school I Studied Graphic Design, Music, Programming, and all the other standard subjects.


Once I left high school I studied Game Design and Development at AIE (The Academy of interactive Entertainment).

During our second year of Study Daniel Booker and I decided to start up a studio, and thus, Classy Bogan Studios was born!


Before the studio had the team it does now, I was responsible for the programming on all of our projects and my work can still be seen within a few of our projects today!

now I handle most of the business and marketing side of our business, This includes updating social media, Maintaining our website, Meeting with clients and making sure everyone on the team knows what they need to do.

My Goal is to make Virtual Reality Experience that are engaging for not only the player but for spectators also!

Founder / Project Manager

Michael Matthews