DEV UPDATE: Viking Sculpt

Between projects I have decided to enhance my skills in stylized character sculpting.

The sculpt I have created below is a viking themed character loosely based off of 'Ragnar Lothbrok' from the show Vikings.

Using 'Zbrush' accompanied with reference images of the character i'm basing this sculpt off, I've used various tools and brushes such as 'Move,' Clay Build Up', 'Simple Tool' and 'DAM Standard'.

When making sculpts it is important to always have your reference open and to be refereeing back to it at every stage of the process.

Through this sculpt I've realized the importance of the use of land marks, such as the nose, ears, eyes and mouth, in a sculpt and how they are integral to getting your basic geometry blocked out so that your sculpt can remain proportionate when adding further detail in later stages.

Another tip for creating characters is to try and keep the hair and the base mesh as separate meshes which will allow for easier iteration upon fed back further down the development pipeline.

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