DEV UPDATE: Viking Sculpt 2

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Since my last Dev Update, on the 8/12/18, I have made several changes to the Viking high poly sculpt.

The most notable change is the tied back hair with cloth intertwined in certain areas. Using the Insert tool, I placed a cylinder at the base of the model, and then used a feature called "DynaMesh" which welds the parts of a mesh together. when adding detail to hair it is import to flow your strokes in the direction the hair is facing whilst adding elements of asymmetry to keep the hair looking and feeling natural.

Using a mixture of Dam Standard, Standard Brush, Move, and Smooth brushes, I achieved a product of hair which closely resembles that of my references. It is important to model pony tail and pony tail esque hairdos in a rigid position, resembling an A pose, as it makes them easier to work with during the rigging stage of a character.

Using the tool 'Trim Dynamic' the shape of the beard was rounded out to more closely match the beard in the reference before proceeding to add further detail in later stages.

For the abdominal section I used Dam Standard, and the inflate tool, to create the outline of the stomach muscle and to bloke out the rest of the characters main muscles, then broke the area down into six sections which would be the abs themselves.

At this stage of the project most of the blocking out of the character has been finished ready for more detail to be added to the torso beard and elements of the hair in the next stage.