DEV UPDATE: Viking Sculpt 3

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Hey Classy Bogan Community!

I hope you have had a great holiday and a fantastic start to the New Year.

With schedules slowly fitting back into place, I've began sculpting the body muscles of the Viking

character from several weeks ago.

Using reference images such as this one

I began building up the back using Clay Build Up tool (which creates balls of clay in the desired areas) to form the muscle groups, then refining the shapes using Move, Simple tool, Smooth, Dam Standard and Inflate tools.

After 30 minutes of looking at references (references are important) I came back to the model and began sculpting until I felt happy with the outcome.

The front was a little easier in terms of sculpting the muscles. The Torso of the character was done using the same technique as the back, but the Simple tool, with the use of ALT to carve the areas i did not wish to have. which helped me create the pecs separation and the abs. Using the Inflate tool i very gently went over the highest point of where the abs should be to create the geometry.

In the next update I will be looking at the thighs and how I will sculpt the muscles within the legs.

- Daniel Booker