Opening Jam Complete!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our opening Game Jam, we had a lot of fun putting together our piece "Screeming Cheeses" along with playing the 2D platformer "Save the cheese".

To Download and play the games submitted to Classy Bogans Opening Jam follow this link!

In the future we are looking into hosting a monthly VR Game Jam and would love for the VR community to join in, and for those you who aren't developers we are also going to be having a showcase night for these Jams where you too can play the fantastic games that come out of these Jams and vote on your favourite!

Stay tuned for more information to come!

Here are some screenshots from our entry, "Screeming Cheeses", and "Save The Cheese" by AthenExt

A big thankyou to developer 'Brodie White' for creating the fantastic audio featured in our Game!