Our Projects


Virtual Skydiving

Feel the thrill and fear of leaping from a plane in this VR Skydiving Simulator, Fall through the clouds and pull your chute for a safe landing. Land near the flare for max Points!


Gynburra Spearfishing VR


Hybrid World: Interactive Aquarium

Created for Hybrid World's Event in 2018, Interactive Aquarium allows users to interact with a Scuba Steve (Our virtual fish) using a Leap Motion hand tracking device. 0 Controllers, 1 Wall of Water, 100% Fun.


Screeming Cheeses

Do you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur? Have you ever cut the cheese? Maybe even ordered a cheese platter? Well fasten your cheesebelts, for this ride is about to get moldy!The Game is simple! Eat as many cheeses as possible before the timer runs out. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!