Hybrid World: Interactive Aquarium

Created for Hybrid World's Event in 2018, Interactive Aquarium allows users to interact with a Scuba Steve (Our virtual fish) using a Leap Motion hand tracking device. 0 Controllers, 1 Wall of Water, 100% Fun.


During 2018, Classy Bogan Studios, along with Alumnia from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) had the privilidge of working on a project for Hybrid Worlds Water Wall.

Using Leap Motion technology combined with the Unity Engine we created our 'Interactive Aquarium'.

User's were able to play with our Fish Scuba Steve, without the need of a controller, The Leap Motion tracked their hands and allowed them to bring their hands directly into the Virtual World.

As for scuba steve he is a fish of many curiosities. He loves playing with his beach ball, Investigating strange bubbles in his Aquarium,  Playing dress up in his castle, And collecting Crowns in one of our minigames.

Be on the lookout for a Virtual Reality version of this experience coming in 2020!


Founder / Project Manager

Michael Matthews

Founder / Lead Artist

Daniel Booker

3D Artist

Joshua Gahan